1. This conditions of contract shall be read in conjunction with the Standard General Conditions of Contract, Special Conditions of contract, Specifications of work, Drawings and any other documents forming part of this contract.
2. G.C.C., Special Conditions of Contract and detailed specifications of work applicable to this work is not attached with this enquiry. The same can be referred in our office during office hours on all working days
3. Unless otherwise state all clauses of General Conditions of Contract and Special Conditions of Contract shall be generally be applicable to this contract.
4. Water and power required for the work shall be made available at anyone existing point free of charge. The contractor will have to make his own arrangements for tapping where required and carrying powerlwater required for the construction work from the existing available sources at site and shall not be entitled for any claims on account of non availability of water/power.


a. The quantities given in the schedule are only estimated and tentative and may vary on either side,but the rates quoted shall remain firm without any escalation on any account during the entire contract period. No claims on account of increase or decrease of quantities under certain items and or over all work will be entertained.
b. The exact value of contract shall be subject to variations depending upon the actual quantities of work executed at site, measured jointly, accepted and paid for at the end of the contract.
c. The rates quoted for each items shall be for completing the item in all -respects as per schedule, specifications, drawings and other documents forming part of this contract
6. Works or part of works required to be completed on priority shall be indicated to the contractor together with the time schedule and the contractor shall complete these as required
  All items of work shall have the best workmanship and be executed to the entire satisfaction of the Engineer-in-charge. Unless otherwise specified, the specifications and mode of measurements for various items of work shall confirm to the standard detailed specifications and mode of measurements for works. In case standard specifications and mode of measurements for any items of works are not applicable. CPWD specifications for such items may be referred to. In case. this is also not applicable, then the specification and mode of measurements to be followed will be laid out by the Engineer-in- charge on the basis of relevantlSI code of practice or otherwise accepted Engineering practice.
  Rates offered by you are inclusive of all taxes, duties, octroi and any other levies etc. and K.G.S.T. on works contract applicable as per rules in force. Sales Tax as applicable will ,be dealt with in accordance with the rules in force.
  The contractor shall strictly follow all the security and safety regulations and other relevant rules of HOC Ltd. The work in the plant and other restricted specified areas shall be done only after obtaining necessary safety permit/ excavation permit/work permit from competent authority.
Contractor shall inform the concerned department the location of work, nature of work etc. and obtain clearance before entering into the plant areas. restricted areas, and hazardous area on day to day basis and then only proceed with the work. Contractor shall strictly abide by the 'SAFETY REGULA TIONS' under Article-9 of General Conditions of contract.
10. The contractor shall strictly abide by the Article-8 'Labour Laws' of General Conditions of contract and 8.6 "Employees State Insurance Act" in particular and also abide by the provisions of contract labour (Regulations and Abolition) Act-1962, as well as provident fund code No. under the Employees Provident Fund Act-1952.
  Time of completion shall be from the date of issue of work order OR issue of instructions to start the work, whichever is earlier.
  The defect liability period for this work shall be twelve calendar months from the date of completion of this work.
  The offer shall be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of receipt of tenders
14. The successful tenders shall sign the 'Form of rate list' or execute an agreement in non judicial stamp paper of appropriate value (to be borne by the contractor) within 15 days from the date of issue of letter of acceptance.
  1) Total security deposit shall be 10% of contract value/actual value of work. 2.5% of the total estimated value will be recovered from the 15! running bill against initial security deposit. Balance 7.5% will be recovered from the 15!and subsequent running bills/final bill against security deposit at a rate of 10% of the total contract value, total actual value of work executed on completion of work is recovered.
  Signature of the Contractor